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Karly Pancake Coaching

Do you feel lonely and isolated on a parenting path you didn’t anticipate? 

Are you stuck in a parenting rut and can’t seem to find your way out? 

Are you needing help navigating summer or after-school schedules that cultivate a sense of safety in your home? 

Do you want to make the transition to homeschooling your children but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to understand more about the foster care and adoption process? 

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My Story

My name is Karly Pancake, and I am an experienced parent (foster, adoptive, and biological) and teacher. I have been teaching and tutoring for over 10 years, working with children of all backgrounds. I have been a parent for six years to six kids (some of them through foster and kinship care), and I homeschool both of the teenagers who came to us through adoption. I have navigated advocating for kids with special learning needs, working with a child who has ADHD, parenting through anxiety, and parenting children who have experienced complex trauma.

How I can Help

I’d love to help you with whatever is making you feel lonely, isolated, or stuck, whether that is parenting, scheduling, schooling, or understanding trauma and its impact on the brain. The truth is that you are not alone, and my goal is to point you in the direction of connection, love, and truth. You are a good parent; in meeting with me you will bolster your confidence and find practical solutions to meet your unique needs.

I have two different coaching packages that you can choose from: a four-session package for $250, or a one-time session for $75. After you fill out the below contact form, we will figure out a payment plan. I am also offering a 10-week Coaching Group for Foster & Adoptive Parents that is $150 ($15 a session). You can check that out here.

You can check out my Etsy shop with digital downloads here! Coaching clients get free access to all of my digital resources.

What is Coaching? 

Coaching is...

  • Determining an action plan for a specific problem 

    • A specific behavior (either your child's or yours!)​

    • A homeschooling plan 

    • Understanding the brain and trauma 

    • Learning how to disciple your kids and love them where they are

    • Understanding the foster care and adoption process

  • Developing confidence in your decisions and parenting 

  • Asking any and all questions you might have

  • Coming back to compassion for your kids and yourself

  • Developing a list of trusted go-to resources for being a well-equipped parent

Coaching is not...

  • Legal advice 

  • Therapy, counseling, or psychiatric help 

  • Official training 


To Schedule Coaching

Please fill out the form to the right so we can set up our coaching call. All coaching calls will be completed through Google Meet and invoices will be sent through Paypal. 

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