Updated: Jan 19, 2020


"To Pass From a Higher to a Lower Place."


"To Pass From a Lower to a Higher Place."

Jesus ascended to the heights,

but before he ascended,

he descended.

Before He passed to the Higher Place,

He chose to come to the Lower Place,

to take the position of a slave.

to strip himself of divinity.

to b e c o m e us

so that He could r e s c u e us.


"To rise"


"To fall"

I dread the fall,

but it is in the falling,

that I rise.

I desire to be more,

but it is in the decreasing,

that Jesus in me increases.

He endured immense pain,

but it was in the dying,

that He rose.

So maybe

I can descend to the floor of the bathroom

to catch my child's tears.

I can sit down

and just be with

a precious child who has not been offered the privilege

to just be.

I can fall to my knees

in surrender

to the One

who descended for me.

And maybe

I can die to my self

because He did it first.


it is in that death,

that I find my life.

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