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True Worship, Rest, and Doing Hard Things with Purpose

I recently was featured on the By Words Show with Hannah Hughes. She had me on the podcast to talk about my new devotional about Isaiah 58, Rebuild and Restore. We talked about what it looks like to truly worship God, rest in Christ, and do hard things well. It was a beautiful conversation about how God calls us to do hard things but also to rest in him regularly, trusting that he will finish the work he has called us to do. I so enjoyed talking with her. Also she is awesome and has a book and devotional you can check out here. You can also follow her on Insta!

Here is the conversation we had. I hope it benefits you!

If you're interested in learning more about Isaiah 58 and savoring its words, Rebuild and Restore is the devotional for you! You can buy it on Blurb by clicking below.

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